Ninasam’s birth was in humble surroundings and a humble location—a thatch-roof structure that served as its office as well as a theatre for many long years. Then, gradually, with its wings and activities growing organically as also almost exponentially, Ninasam came to erect, at different points of time, and as and when its needs became imperative and it could find funds, a clutch of very modest, yet very functional spaces/structures. As of now, Ninasam has the following spaces/structures at the disposal of its various wings:

Shivaram Karantha Ranga Mandira
Intimate Theatre
  • Shivarama Karantha Rangamandira: This is the first, as also the longest-standing structure that Ninasam built. A 700-seat auditorium designed specifically for a wide range of art performances, and constructed with government aid and public donations way back in 1972, this is still Ninasam’s main auditorium. It recently had, after 25 years of ceaseless use, a major renovation last year, thanks to the generous help of private donors as well as state grants.
  • Office building (built in 1982): For many long years past an all-purpose structure, serving as a library, classroom, rehearsal space, guest house and the like as the occasion demanded, this structure was finally turned into the Ninasam office soon after some purpose-specific buildings came up on the campus.
  • Library building: Constructed in the year 1996-97, this structure now houses the collection of books and audio-visual materials that Ninasam has gathered over these five decades.
  • Guest house: Built in the year 1987, this can accommodate 6 persons.
  • Student Hostel for boys: Built in the year 1991-92, this structure can shelter 25 boys.
  • Student Hostel for girls: Built in the year 1988-89, this can shelter 10 girls.
  • Seminar hall / Intimate performance space: After the Shivarama Karantha Rangamandira the most used space at Ninasam, this hall, constructed in the year 1995-96, has been doing multi-duty as seminar/lecture/rehearsal/meeting hall, a venue for film screenings, theatre performances, dance and music recitals, and exhibitions and workshops.
  • Open air theatre: Informal open-air space, with a stage and raked auditorium, built in 1998-99
  • Rehearsal hall: Very recently constructed (partially in 2007), this doubles up also as a lodging space when the situation demands.
  • Mess: This structure, built in 1985-86, which served for many years as a rehearsal and seminar hall, now works as a mess for the variegated members’ groups of Ninasam — the theatre students, the resource persons, the volunteers, the delegates as also the frequent guests and visitors.