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Ninasam is a cultural organisation located in the village of Heggodu in Sagar Taluk of the Shivamogga district in the state of Karnataka, India. Ninasam (also spelt as Neenasam) is the short form of Sri NIlakanteshwara NAtyaseva SAMgha, an organisation dedicated to the dissemination of Theatre and Culture. Renowned dramatist and Magsaysay award winner, K V Subbanna was one of the founder members of Ninasam. Registered as a charitable society, Ninasam has around one hundred members and is run by an executive committee.

Through the last five decades of socio-cultural work, Ninasam has now branched out into several organisations like the Ninasam Theatre Institute, Ninasam Tirugata, Ninasam Foundation and others. Through all these branches the scope of Ninasam’s work has spread out into the whole of Karnataka with workshops, seminars, lectures, performances etc. The total contribution of Ninasam has also been recognised nationally and internationally.



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